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Welcome to the most exciting web page in the History of the internet. My name is Aaron Fraser, and I am the creator of the "Merge Me" app. This app was conceived well over six years ago. The concept was initially designed for the web, and it started out as It was designed to be a single portal for three of the fastest growing social networking sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Because of the enormous amount of resources it would take to get the site up and running, I abandoned the idea early on.

During a very dark period of my life, when I was homeless, running for Congress, and nothing more than a few articles of clothing and less than a penny in my pocket, I decided I would pull myself out of the abyss of despair and come up with a solution to my problems. I would "will" myself to succeed. Out of my hour of desperation came a moment of inspiration. I thought to myself, “How much would it cost me to come up with an App that was designed with the same principle as

Three weeks later, and a launch date set for September 1st, the "Merge Me" App is set to hit the world stage. We project 10 Million Downloads in the first week.

So exactly what is the "Merge Me" app, and how will it change the world and the internet? Simply put, the "Merge Me" app puts the one billion Facebook users, The six hundred million LinkedIn members, and the Four hundred million Twitter Tweeters, at the fingertips of every user of the Merge Me App. By downloading the "Merge Me" app, you will be able to connect with over two Billion social networkers, all on one portal. You will be able to do everything on “Merge Me” that you will be able to do on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; even more. Be a part of history.

For every one millionth user, that lucky user will receive a new car, courtesy of the Merge Me Team. Could you be the next winner? There is also an incentive to share the app. Like, Share and Comment on our Facebook page and you could win a new home. Don’t forget to sign up for our email notification on the day of the launch.

Thank You, and God Bless
Aaron Fraser